Intuition is the ability through which we can draw on information that lies in a different dimension of time and space than the current one, it is the ability that allows us to perceive beyond the five senses and the chance to access to the past or the future in a non-linear way.


Meditation and mindfulness are basically synonyms. Both terms refer to the state of consciousness we can reach when our mind is in the Here and Now and also to the process of achieving that state.

Practicing meditation and enjoying its benefits don’t imply or require any religious beliefs. You don’t need to rely on one or more gods who oversee our existence nor turn to particular entities.

Awakening of the Third Eye and Chakra Healing

The first volume of this bundle, Intuition, will provide an overview of the reality that surrounds us and of the sensory and extrasensory perception, together with the tools to awaken the third eye and amplify intuition. The second volume, Subtle Body and Chakras, will delve into the elements of the subtle anatomy of each of us. Finally, Meditation will complete this journey by illustrating the ultimate tool that connects all the dots and gives us a deep insight into our nature.

Subtle Body and Chakras

Chakras and subtle bodies help us to understand the deep interconnection between the parts that make up the human being (body, mind, emotions and spirit) as well as between our inner reality and what’s around us.

They help us to develop a holistic and integrated vision. Subtle bodies are as much energy emanations surrounding the person as they are actual vessels through which any living being can manifest precise functions. Each chakra is associated with organs, glands and systems of the physical body, which will manifest disharmony in material reality in the form of discomfort and disease.